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I love to write and create. I also want to share my interest in photography, gardening, family, art, decorating, Christian faith and my enjoyment and gratitude to God for creating me and allowing me to thrive in my home setting. I love making my house a home. I am determined to 'bloom where I am transplanted'.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Biking Around Town, Morels and A Finished Project!

A bike ride through a local park, a beautiful day. 

Crab Apple tree in bloom...

 And then I came upon this charming house, but my camera went wonky and the picture turned out pink..

And Morels... anyone else love these mushrooms? 

So good!

BTW... I'll be showing the transformation of this cabinet on my Pinterest board, 'My Finished Projects' real soon. And... guess what? Handyman is building a really cool thing for me. Peek Preview on this Pinterest board also.

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Cottage Garden said...

That looks like one perfectly beautiful day Joy!

I like it. The 'accidental' pink house looks very arty ...