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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Fall is almost gone... sad to see it go

We don't get a lot of leaf color in our part of the country; mostly yellow, green, a bit of rust here and there, and 'dead'.
Time to get plenty of firewood in and stacked on the back porch for easy access.

This morning I stepped outside and after a hard freeze, the leaves finally dropped. 

Every leaf that falls makes me just a bit more sad. 


marigold jam said...

Don't be sad just think that now you can see the views and the sky and get the light through and that even as those leaves are falling new buds are forming ready for the spring. But I know what you mean!

Debbie said...

Wish I was closer, I'd pick you up and take you out for lunch and cheer you up. Remember, this doesn't signify the end, but prepares for a new beginning. Now, you can tell me that about the middle of February!

Joy said...

Debbie, I wish you were closer too!

Joy said...

Debbie, I wish you were closer too!

Deanna said...

Hi Joy. Thanks for dropping by my place. Appreciated what you shared.
Blessings and may you have a wonderful Christmas,

Molly said...

Hello Joy! Thanks for visiting my blog. When the leaves change here in Florida there's hardly tim e to be sad ----the next batch all already budding! A bit of sadness creeps in at what the falling leaves symbolize ---the ever faster passing of time. Don't know what to tell you about following...The ways of Blogger are shrouded in mystery for me, but it's l;ovely to "meet" you.