"Creativity can neither be taught nor mass-produced."
I love to write and create. I also want to share my interest in photography, gardening, family, art, decorating, Christian faith and my enjoyment and gratitude to God for creating me and allowing me to thrive in my home setting. I love making my house a home. I am determined to 'bloom where I am transplanted'.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Four Blue Ribbons!

Seriously, I was shocked. But at the same time, giddy! I couldn't believe it... I got 4 blue ribbons for my 2 lap quilts, 1 batik wall hanging, and this little pillow I made out of a vintage calendar towel.  

 When I first went to the county fair and saw my projects with the blue ribbon 'stickers', I was disappointed. I thought people actually got a real live, blue ribbon. I began brainstorming of how I could make my own... but when I went to pick up my items after the fair, I found that I really would receive an in-the-flesh, honest-to-goodness, blue ribbon... plus $5! The ladies must have thought I was crazy... I have never in my life entered anything in a fair, never did 4-H projects, never was in a setting that anyone did 4-H projects, and here I was, as excited as a little kid. My husband says I am a '60 year-old 4-H er'  Better late than never, right?  

If you have ever been to a quilt show, you know how beautiful many of the quilts are with detailed patterns, intricate machine or hand quilting, beautiful applique and embroidery. Mine are very simple and a Blue ribbon is actually second place. First place received purple ribbons. Maybe next year? I know now I will enter a quilt or something similar next year; I've been inspired... next year's entry will be even better. I won't hope for a purple ribbon, I really won't. But maybe I'll be surprised. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finished Batik Quilt

Is it perfectly made?  No.

I really, really, like it. The colors are beautiful and juicy.  

I did some applique and embroidery. 

The backside is pretty too.

This was sort of an experimental quilt. It gave me ideas for future quilts.

 It is so pretty. I'm biased, you know.

As always, I'll be posting these photos on my Pinterest board. Now for my next creation. I'm having fun. I may enter this quilt/throw in the county fair.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Batik Quilt Update

I have finished the machine quilting-- 'stitch in the ditch'-- and at this moment I am hand stitching the edges. I'll post the finished product soon!  I'm thinking of entering this small quilt in the county fair next month.
I am loving the colors!  I LOVE Batik!

Friday, May 30, 2014

New Quilt Beginning

Ack! Phone photos don't do things justice, but just wanted to show the beginning of my latest quilt. It's a Batik quilt, I'm doing it in strips of every Batik fabric print I own as I love Batik prints.  It's going to be a small quilt, more like a hanging and I'm calling it an art quilt. I believe I'll be doing more of these, as I want to combine some techniques, perhaps even painting on some fabric and adding it in, as I've painted on fabric before and it was great fun. A combination of sewing, painting, design, maybe even story telling?

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Latest Pinterest Board

Who couldn't spend hours on Pinterest? Wa-la, my new board that features all sorts of nifty, money-pinching ideas and schemes. Might even be an actual steal on there some day... The inspiration came from my honkin' awesome deal on a used dishwasher flatware basket. Details on the board!

My Deals & Steals + 'Spend Less, Be Happy'!

Karen's Quilt

I finally finished the quilt I made for my daughter for her birthday... last month. Sometimes, that's the way it goes. I did my best job ever on this quilt. A simple block quilt, yes, but this time most of the corners lined up, and I hand stitched the opening (when I turned it right side out) just perfectly. It measures 58" wide by 77" long. I'm not set up for large quilts, and I have to do a lot of the work on the floor. 

I added my 'Mama' label... have had these since she was a little girl.This is such a nice quilt, I would like it for myself!  I'm putting a few more photos on my Pinterest board. (See link in previous posts).  Now I can start some small, fun 'art'quilts for myself!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Biking Around Town, Morels and A Finished Project!

A bike ride through a local park, a beautiful day. 

Crab Apple tree in bloom...

 And then I came upon this charming house, but my camera went wonky and the picture turned out pink..

And Morels... anyone else love these mushrooms? 

So good!

BTW... I'll be showing the transformation of this cabinet on my Pinterest board, 'My Finished Projects' real soon. And... guess what? Handyman is building a really cool thing for me. Peek Preview on this Pinterest board also.